ARS The founder's spirit.

荒井製作所 創業者の想い

The father of Arai Seisakusho, Yoshio Arai

The name of Arai Seisakusho came from the founder Yoshio Arai (1915-1993). Mr. Arai was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1915. After he graduated from (current) Nihon University, one of the places of experience for Mr. Arai was while he was working at Tokyo Gas Company, he also learned skills working for a leather manufacturer, and a company that made leather packing for aircraft.

From this knowledge he gained over the years and his own passion for a better product lead Mr. Arai to developing and making the world's first oil seal made from synthetic rubber.

Upon his discovery of the "suction effect" he began developing and then making the first high performance oil seal. These products lead to the March 1956 founding of the company in Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Mr. Arai wanted a company name that could be easily identified so the name “Arai Seisakusho” (Seisakusho means works or factory) was the likely name for the company. The logo"Ars” is an acronym for Arai Rubber Seal. The company logo was designed by international graphic designer Shigeo Fukuda (1932-2009). The "Ars" also includes the meaning of A = Art, r = Roman, s = Science, which Arai Yoshio constantly advocated for employees.

Due to Mr. Arai's unrelenting efforts and his endless knowledge, he successfully developed Arai Seisakusho into a global company in one lifetime. Even today his frontier spirit is still alive and passed down through the company he founded.