CSR Policy

In order for companies to grow sustainably, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important to us. We are committed to ethical and sustainable business practices, regarding safety, quality and compliance as a priority issue.

For these reasons, we require all employees to adhere to the following principles:

ARS Charter of Corporate Behavior

We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through the provision of products and services that create a prosperous future. Also, in order to continue to be a company with a trusted brand, our corporate activity will be guided with high ethical standards and social norms based on the following ten principles.

  1. Sustainable economic growth and resolution of social issues

    We will develop and provide products and services that create a safe, prosperous future, and contribute to sustainable development and resolution of social issues.

  2. Fair business practices

    We will maintain healthy relationship with our customers, business partners and society while conducting proper competition, trade and responsible supply.

  3. Fair information disclosure and communication with stakeholders

    We will disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate and fair manner, exchange a constructive communication with our stakeholders, and improve corporate value.

  4. Respect for human rights

    We will engage in business activities with respect for the human rights of all humankind.

  5. Customer trust and satisfaction

    We will ensure customer trust and satisfaction by paying sufficient attention to provide safe and quality products and services.

  6. Employee activities

    We will respect our employees` diverse personalities and support the work style to enhance the individual ability. Moreover, we will create an ideal work environment that reflects consideration of health and safety.

  7. Approach to environmental issues

    We will strengthen our commitment to environment issues such as energy saving, resource saving, recycling of resources and to provide innovative products which reduce environmental impact.

  8. Social contribution

    Recognizing its responsibilities as a member of society, we will engage in social contribution initiatives.

  9. Thoroughness of crisis management

    We will organize crisis management systematically in preparation for actions of anti-social forces that pose a threat to civic life and corporate activities, terrorism, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, pandemics, etc.

  10. The role of top management and thoroughness of this Charter.

    The management acknowledges that the realization of the spirit of this charter is its own role, aims to thoroughly enforce its own company and group companies, and encourages business partners as well as taking the initiative. Also, the management constantly grasps the internal and external voices and build effective governance. Contrary to the spirit of this charter, when a situation that loses trust from society arises, the management himself takes the initiative to solve the problem, investigates the cause, works to prevent reoccurrence, fulfills its responsibility and restores trust.