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Sealing Technology

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Discovery and practical application of “Suction Effect”

The founder of ARS, Yoshio Arai, discovered and patented the “Suction Effect” in the early 1950s.This refers to the basic principle that suction prevents the object to be sealed from leaking. Arai observed that seals tended to leak oil in normal circumstances but that when a strong seal is achieved, centripetal forces create the “suction phenomenon” which allows the seal to “sucking (oil) without leaking”.

Arflon(PTFE: fluoropolymer resin)

In order to reduce frictional resistance of sliding parts, we manufacture products featuring Arflon molded integrally with the rubber lip tip. "Arflon" is an all-inclusive term for fluoropolymer resin blended with ARS's proprietary filler, which is an oil seal that can be adapted to the demanding operating environment of high-speed rotation and low lubrication.

High technology but seemingly inconsistent. Why?

The valve stem seal (VSS) is attached to a valve guide in the engine head. The VSS provides a controlled leak of oil to allow the valve stem to be lubricated as it slides in the valve guide. The amount of oil that passes by the VSS must be precisely controlled, as too little oil causes stem and guide wear. Therefore, "the design to leak proper amount" is the key point of VSS. This is one of ARS's boasting seal technologies making it possible to control oil delicately.