Rolls for Office Machines/Devices

We manufacture mainly rubber rolls used in copier or printer.
We can provide products that satisfy required characteristics for each application, such as roll covered with rubber on the core metal surface and roll coated with PFA sleeve on the outermost layer.
Please refer to the main rubber characteristics table and request it.

Product Introduction

Used section Use Products Representative composition
Fixing unit Fixing roll

Soft roll

Surface layer of silicone rubber coated with thin PFA sleeve

Hard roll

The core coated with thin PFA sleeve

Pressure roll

Rubber roll

Surface layer of core coated with silicone rubber

PFA roll

Surface layer of silicone rubber coated with thin PFA sleeve

Sponge roll

Surface layer of silicone sponge coated with thin PFA sleeve

Pressure pad

Silicone pad

Vulcanization adhesion of silicone rubber to steel plate

Transport unit Paper feeding roll

Paper feeding roll

Conductive EPDM press fit into core

Paper discharging roll

Surface layer of silicone sponge coated with thin PFA sleeve


1. The rollers coated with PFA sleeves
  1. By coating surface layer of the silicone rubber with escalope PFA sleeve, it can be used as rolls which excellent in releasability, heat resistance and durability.

  2. Soft fixing roller is superior in a thermal conductivity by using thin and high heat conductivity materials as rubber.

2.Backup roller (Auxiliary transfer roller)
By original rubber combination, a more stable electric property value is provided.

Product shape

Outside diameter φ8 or more
Total length A0 size or less
Shape There is regulation by a manufacturing method.(It varies according to rubber thickness.)
Rubber thickness 0.25mm or more
PFA sleeves 30μm or more

Main characteristics list of rubber

Types of rubber Silicone rubber (VMQ) Ethylene propylene rubber
Chloroprene rubber
HTV LSR Sponge
Primary use
  • Pressure roll
  • Platen roll
  • Paper feed rolls
  • Fixing roll
  • Pressure roll
  • Pressure pat
  • Paper feed rolls
  • Pressure roll
  • Paper feed rolls
  • Paper feed rolls
  • Paper feed rolls
Surface layer sleeve coating
Hardness JIS-A 20~70 0~60 35~70 60, 70
Asker-C 6~75 20~50
Heat resistance limit temperature 230℃ 230℃ 230℃ 150℃ 120℃
Heat-resistant safety temperature 180℃ 180℃ 180℃ 120℃ 100℃
Thermal conductivity W/m・℃ 0.2~0.5 0.2~1.0 0.1~0.2
Compression set 70℃/22h
120℃/22h ×
180℃/22h ×
Volume resistivity 106Ω・cm or less
106~1012Ω・cm ×
1012Ω・cm or more
  • please note that some combinations may be difficult to produce or may not match the values ​​in the table.
    In addition to the above rubber materials, if you have demands such as hardness and thermal conductivity, please contact us.