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Challenges to achieve "Sustainable Society"

The realization of a sustainable society is the ultimate purpose for humankind. Yet issues such as global warming and climate change present urgent challenges for us all to address.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework for us to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Corporates can also adopt an ESG (Environment / Social / Governance) approach to evaluate their activities and drive more sustainable outcomes.

Within this context, Arai Seisakusho Co.,Ltd.is committed to the decarbonization of its operations. As part of this commitment, we have set the goal of reducing annual energy use by 1% every year until 2030 by improving energy efficiency.

As we focus on our core competencies, we will address key challenges with reference to the following SDGs:

Challenge 1.

To reduce CO2 and achieve the carbon minimum, by providing low friction products, we are striving to improve fuel efficiency and emission reduction.
About production activities, with active use of renewable energy, waste reduction and reuse, we aim to reduce substances of environmental concern included in raw materials and processes.

(Relevant SDGs)

Challenge 2.

We will promote earth-friendly product and manufacturing method development aware of the life cycle. We will also strive to develop renewable rubber.

(Relevant SDGs)

Challenge 3.

Energy saving, resource saving, Labor-Saving, Manpower-Saving, and the Flexible Manpower Line.

(Relevant SDGs)

Challenge 4.

Humans are the most valuable asset in a company.
Mental and physical health is the "source" for each employee to work enthusiastically and is also the basis of the company. We will promote lifelong learning opportunities to improve health management and quality of life.

(Relevant SDGs)