Our Technology


Challenge 1.

  • Replaced 99% of lighting to LED lights in Tsukuba Office&Tsukuba Technical Research and Development Center
  • 20% of the electricity used in Tsukuba Office&Tsukuba Technical Research and Development Center, is covered by solar panels of a third-party model installed on the roof.

Challenge 2.

  • Continued development of renewable rubber, manufacturing and construction methods that can reduce CO2 emissions

Challenge 3.

  • The "Improvement Suggestion Committee" was established in 2020 to generate additional value through the spread of Kaizen Action, aiming for sustainable economic growth from improving productivity.
  • DX advancement → The first step to “Work Style Reform”
    [1]Building a structure that allows employees to browse materials outside of the office
    [2]Preventing loss of important materials due to sudden disasters
    [3]Reduction of document storage space cost

Challenge 4.

  • By conducting a mental health survey on all employees, we will promote and ensure overall health of employees, and as a result, improve the mood and an open door policy of the workplace.
  • Arai Yoshio Memorial Foundation Scholarships and Grants Program: By supporting students and researchers involved in research in the field of science and technology, we will promote technology across a wide range and contribute to the realization of sustainable society much further.